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Welcome to LGF, the largest and first established community since 2008 for Gaga news, graphics, media, etc. Here's some of the comm guidelines:
01. No personal attacks to any members.
02. Any post containing spoilery material (leaks) must have said content behind a cut.
03. Any post containing a picture bigger than 500px in width must have said picture behind a cut.
04. Spamming will not be tolerated.
05. No promotions allowed without the consent of a mod.
06. Hotlinking is not appreciated. We like to be able to see the pictures the following day.
07. Graphic posts must link to a non-locked post. This isn't a place to whore your community. If you want to lock the post after a few days, thats fine.
08. Membership requests may be rejected if your journal looks too new or doesn't look too active. PM a mod for any questions, concerns, etc.

Contact your mods eightball killmeneko or when_itsizzles with any questions about posts, rules, etc.

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